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Hello again world!

Apparently I haven't posted anything for over a year, I guess I've been hanging about on Facebook most of the time.
Since 2011 we've moved to curufea's folk's house and set up a glorious gaming den there, and (at the end of last year) managed to get pregnant - which would be the main thing I ought to be blogging about at the moment. :)

Happy man day!

It's nice how Australia likes to celebrate my first date with Curufea. Makes it rather easy to remember! :)

He's celebrating by getting around to enrolling in his next library subject. Unfortunately he's mainly got managementy things and cataloguing left, and it's better to leave cataloguing for next year because they may be going to bring in the new rules then. (I say "may" because they're been in the pipeline for at least 6 years now, and the final testing phase has just been extended.)

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Barbershop and bicycles

I've just bought a highly dodgy no-name electric bike from oo.com.au via eBay - after a couple of days of looking at prices and features and discovering that the various ones I liked the look of were sold out after I clicked the 'buy' button, one decided that I'll go for cheap and potentially nasty, and plan to sell it and get a nice one if I like the electric bike riding concept (or just sell it if I don't!). :)

We went for a ride to Belconnen on Saturday to try to work out the most cromulent way to get to work, and I spent a good bit of the time getting off and pushing the bike up hills like a big girl's blouse. The theory is that I might actually manage to get up the awful hills at either end of the trip on an electric bike as they have pedal-assistance motors that mean you prolly don't have to change down. Anyway, we'll see how that goes...

I'm singing at Floriade with the Brindabella Chorus on the holiday Monday next week, 12pm at the community performance tent near the ferris wheel. V'excited because I haven't been able to perform for a bit since I let all my qualifying recordings lapse, and we have to have up to date proof that we can sing all the notes and words correctly. Then on the Tuesday we've got a gig for the International Mint Conference dinner at Parliament House singing four very ocker songs (local colour, and all that). Apparently they're also having a typical Australian bush dance especially for the conference on another day, including an exhibition of sheep shearing and a reptile petting zoo. (!)

Happy ebook goodness!

My favourite author, R.A. Macavoy, broke her publishing drought a few years ago with an Amazon e-reads novella - a terrible cause of distress to me because they won't sell to non-US credit cards. Fortunately she recently brought out an expanded version in a limited edition hardcover, which I reviewed on Amazon and made a slightly passive aggressive comment about how they won't sell the other version to non USians.

So I just got an email from someone, PDF attached, asking me to read it and let them know how similar it is (since they'd rather know if they're about to buy the same book twice, even though they pretty much need to for completeness anyway)! *Smirk*

Writers please note, I'll pay for it someday if it does become more easily available.


Various excitements

Bill Bailey tonight! Huzzah!

We now have a new, functioning oven! It's pretty basic, apart from having a ceramic cooktop, and we won't be using the timer because the rather loud beep makes the next door dog go berserk, but it works!!!

Curufea has his shiny new phone, and therefore has stopped moping around the house wondering when his phone will arrive. He's now hanging around the house in a super chipper way (despite a migraine hangover) with the phone clutched desperately in his hand.

My quartet will be singing with a bass next week (assuming she can make it) so I won't feel so lonely in the low parts. :)

Just found out how to make Outlook calendar show any combination of days you want (eg all the Thursdays next month) by holding down Shift or Control and clicking dates on the mini calendar pane. That's possibly the most exciting of all!

Rather sad: my ducks (for those who read capnoblivious) aren't flying south for the Winter after all. :(

Various bits

Good grief, I haven't gotten around to posting anything in ages!

Of note, recently I've:
  • Started up a barbershop quartet with cloudsprite as tenor, my friend Helen as lead, and possibly one of two basses. It's fun so far, and we're definitely going to aim to compete in the 2015 convention if we're still singing together. No name yet. :) The next step (once we've finalised a bass!) is probably working out how to balance the voices correctly so they lock.
  • Found out that my Great Great Grandfather James Augustus Davis was born in Campbelltown in 1841, and what his mother's surname is (Ross).
  • Patched up a couple of our cats (they're both feeling much better now).  Ollie got into a fight a couple of weeks ago and was kicked in the chest - he was limping pretty badly from it.  Then Thomas got pretty sick last week from a cyst on his back (probably a scratch from the same cat), though we couldn't  tell what was wrong with him because he came over even less friendly than usual.  After we got him to the vet and he had some anti-inflammatories he felt so much better that he had a complete personality transplant - when I picked him up, instead of trying to bite me he actually snuggled up and purred!  Made me feel guilty that I hadn't really cared what the outcome was going to be, taking him to the vet. He's nearly back to normal now, of course.
People keep sending this to lists I'm on, so I finally had a look at it. Super cute!

Various bits

We went to Mandurah for barbershop convention followed by 'harmony college' last week. Because I wasn't competing I got to watch the whole competition, and poor, brave, bad-pitch-phobic curufea managed to watch the second half of the quartets comp (he successfully picked the top three in order) and the showcase of winners.  Very nice - water views from our poshish and fairly $$ hotel right next to the venue, and plenty of fish n chips. Didn't manage to get into Perth at all, but it was nice to get away from work for a bit.

In other news, I just put my name down for a pair of Vibram FiveFingers aka weird toe shoes from The Runners Shop (they were out of stock in my size). I like wandering about barefoot, but haven't for ages due to the whole stones, glass, etc issue, and they simulate the barefoot feeling with a little bit of cushioning and support (though I prolly won't be able to pick up stuff with my toes with them on). :) The smaller size I tried on was super comfortable despite being a bit short.

Things of interest

This weekend we baked our apple! Very exciting. :-) We only got one apple from our two ballerina trees this year (first crop, and there was a bit of a difference in flowering so one of the trees didn't get pollinated at all) It was turned into eight tiny tarts based vaguely on the ones in this month's Delicious magazine - puff pastry brushed with egg, layer of apple, coated in butter and sugar. (see below)

Also spent some time poisoning the grass in the backyard - a nasty combination of couch runners going through everthing and massive tussocks. In order to pander to the cats, since their favourite nibbling area is now yucky, I bought them a container of Cat Grass (TM). I put it down in front of Ollie for a moment then had to take it away before there was none left - he's like a stripey ginger goat.

Medicare enters the 20th century (1990s?)

Just visited the Medicare website to see if I could do anything on there about registering my bank account details for direct payments (I'm a bit over visiting the office with receipts, exciting as cash payments are), and was unreasonably cheered to see that I could register online and update my account, etc!

I say was, because after registration I got this message: Your registration has been completed. A letter containing your Password will be mailed to your current Medicare address.

Oh well, maybe I'll try again in about 6-10 business days....